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Benjamin Lamowski

Operating Systems Engineer


I work as an Operating Systems Engineer at Genode Labs on the Genode Operating System Framework.

For a better future, my favorite concept is the Principle of Least Privilege, my favorite technology are Microkernel Operating Systems, my favorite programming language is Rust, and I prefer to work on FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open-Source Software). In today's complex IT ecosystem, I advocate code reuse and isolation on and of Linux systems and mostly write modern C++. My native language is German, I have excellent proficiency in English and an intermediate knowledge of Spanish. My language of choice for non-runtime-critical data processing is Python. I thrive in an international environment and a discrimination-free workplace is important to me.

Research Interests & Education

I studied Computer Science specializing in Operating Systems, together with advanced courses in Security and Cryptography, Systems Engineering and Engineering Psychology. I earned a Master's degree from Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden with a thesis on Automatic Sandboxing of Unsafe Software Components in High Level Languages. TUD's Operating Systems Group gave me the opportunity to present my findings at the PLOS workshop at SOSP'17 (paper, slides).

My main research interests are Operating System privilege separation and security architecture, from Linux sandboxing to ╬╝kernel-OSes in the tradition of the L4 family. Further research interests include information security, decentralized services, and anonymity.


The most reliable way to reach me is to email me at benjamin@lamowski.net. If you still use PGP, here's my PGP key. I am happy to get back to you through other channels of communication.